Viral Zoonotic Risk Is Homogenous among Taxonomic Orders of Mammalian and Avian Reservoir Hosts

Do some reservoir groups (e.g. bats) produce more zoonotic viruses than others? By cataloguing the accepted reservoirs for 415 viruses associated with mammals and birds, we show that there is currently no evidence for the existance of any such special reservoir groups. Instead, groups containing more reservoir species are associated with more viruses, and proportionally more zoonotic viruses.

Rabies virus

A mini review for *Trends in Microbiology*'s "Microbe of the Month" series, describing the transmission cycle of rabies virus in domestic dogs and highlighting the importance of a One Health approach to control and eliminate human rabies deaths.

Dog rabies in southern Africa: regional surveillance and phylogeographical analyses are an important component of control and elimination strategies

In the resource-poor settings where dog rabies remains endemic, the demonstration of a need to divert scarce funds towards exhaustive surveillance activities is no easy task. Here, we investigate a recent case of human rabies in South Africa, which …