Nardus Mollentze

Nardus Mollentze

Computational virologist | Postdoc

MRC - University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research

I am a computational virologist studying the dynamics of cross-species transmission and host shifts. Much of my work takes a comparative approach, aiming to discover generalisable patterns which may help us to anticipate and prepare for future outbreaks of infectious disease. I also often use rabies virus as a model system, given it’s wide host range, frequent cross-species transmission, and the consequences of these events for public and animal health. As part of my current postdoc with Daniel Streicker I am leading efforts to determine the most appropriate sampling strategies for discovering unknown viral threats, designing methods to triage newly discovered viruses for further study, and developing models to predict rabies spillover events.


  • Cross-species transmission
  • Zoonotic risk prediction
  • Host shifts
  • Virus evolution


  • PhD in Ecology and Environmental Biology, 2018

    University of Glasgow

  • MSc in Microbiology, 2013

    University of Pretoria

  • BSc (hons) in Microbiology, 2010

    University of Pretoria